It’s been a couple weeks since you and your hard-working crew completed our landscaping project. We have received many, many favorable comments from our neighbors and friends and just today the UPS driver even complimented us on the yard. This is very gratifying to hear and makes us glad that we made the decision to proceed with the project.

From the first day I talked to you, Karl I had a very positive feeling that you were seeing our vision and would work with us (and our budget) to achieve our “dream yard”. We especially appreciated the fact that you listened to us and never said “no” or that something we suggested couldn’t be done.

We couldn’t believe how fast you and your crew completed the project. We can’t wait until spring when all the things you planted start filling out and blooming. We are sure it will be beautiful. We will definitely take a picture and send it to you.

It is clear that you take pride in your work and we will highly recommend you to anyone looking to have any landscaping projects done. Rest assured that when we decide to do other landscaping projects, we will be calling your company.

Again, Karl, thank you. Also, please pass along our heartfelt thanks to your fantastic crew.

Ed & Karen H.
How do you do it? Do you have a crystal ball you look into or maybe you have a virtual reality computer that you use to predict what a job will look like when it’s finished. Whatever you use, it works well. From the first day that you came and scoped out the job you predicted that we would love the new look our back yard would have. You were absolutely right, we do love it! You made believers out of us. Your suggestion that we use Pisa II block for the retaining walls was a good one. The blocks and colors work well with the style and color of our house.

We would like to mention that the men who work for you are very professional and hard working. They always treated our property and us with the utmost respect. They also knew exactly what needed to be done and when to do it and how to do it in the most expedient manor. Bill and George were very confident. They kept reassuring us that the work would all turn out right and that we would be happy with the results.

We realize that it is your experience and knowledge that enabled this project to be completed to out satisfaction, Thanks so much for your helpful suggestions in regard to the landscaping. It has been a pleasure working and doing business with you and your crew. It is very gratifying to find people who take pride in what they do and care about the end product and the people they are working for.

Chuck and Terry L.
It has been a month or so since you completed our landscape renovation, and I am writing to thank you for a job well done. It is so awesome!

Our whole experience was positive, beginning with talking to Tim at the Meadowbrook show about you and Lone Star, to working with you on the scope and design of the project and finally to talking with Bill on the job and watching him create our beautiful new porch, patio, walkways and courtyard wall. And we love all of our new trees, plants and flowers.

I really appreciated your patience and input while I was struggling with decisions, especially on the pavers. You were always available. Everyone was so professional and so nice. And so very hard working! As you know, Jim’s back hurt so bad from watching that he had to go buy a spa!

What else can I say? I could be an infomercial for Lone Star (and Brussel Block). We look forward to working with you again in the near future on our landscape lighting.

Thank again, Karl. It was good doing business with you.

Jan B.
What can I say? Wow, thank you, you rock, I love you guys! Truly, it was an amazing experience with an element of surprise – and my neighbors are in awe too! Great work and a really great crew. What a pleasure doing business this way – you far exceeded my expectations (which is no small feat). Let me know if you’d like me to write any reference letters and/or online reviews (and which ones); I’m a fan and have already started a word-of-mouth campaign for Lone Star. I think my son has too.

Thanks again. I’ll talk to you and/or see you again soon.

Lynda G.
We want to thank you for delivery on all that you promised. The design as well as (if not more importantly) the craftsmanship is impeccable. Your team lead by Jorge were professional and always respectful of us and our home. We are very, very, very pleased with the results!

I will definitely recommend your company to all of our friends and neighbors. The main reason that I will recommend you is not the fabulous results, however. The main reason is because you and your team operate with the highest of integrity. When doing a home improvement project, sometimes things go wrong. How the owner of the company deals with the issue says a lot about him and his company. You “thought outside the box” to resolve our issue and you didn’t dodge – you faced it head on. For that reason I give the highest marks to Lone Star Landscaping for customer service. Anyone can say they are customer focused – you back it up with action.

Darlene & Mike P.